2012-06-20 21:43

Alan From Chile

y cuando por sudamerica??? los esperamos pronto!!!

2012-06-16 22:52

Sandrine (Kizombette) From Bordeaux

The best thing that came to me since NG la banda (so many years before)!
When is your next album?
Any plan to come to France?
Kiss to all!

2012-06-10 22:40

kamou From Lausanne Switzerland

Just want to tell you guys that you were amazing yesterday in Geneva. I have been a big fan for over 4 years now and will still be for a long time :-). Hope tout see you soon with us in Geneva "pa gozar y disfrutar con el publico de suissa". Hugs and kisses from a great fan.

2012-05-31 20:56

Goga From Belgrade - Serbia

I like the website and love your music! Thank you for the great concert in Kraljevo. I'm hoping to see you in Belgrade, too:) Kisses from Serbia!

2012-05-29 20:35

Erica From Luleå

Awesome att det finns en så grymt bra salsagrupp baserad i Sverige! Nu gäller det bara att lyckas se er live också! ;P
Kom gärna upp till Norrland och spela! Här är salsan starkare än man kan tro, och det skulle vara superkul med riktigt bra livemusik att dansa till! :D
Hör gärna av er om ni är sugna på en spelning här uppe, vi väntar på er ;)
Keep up the good work!

2012-05-22 06:03

Mauricio Rojas From Cusco - Perú

please come to Perú!!! love your music!

2012-05-22 01:06

Alvaro From Lima - Peru

Hey guys I love your music since I was a small-child, now I am 20 Years old and i'm still listening your music ((( Please come to Peru million of people here in this country estan esperando a 'Calle Real' a que visiten y canten en nuestro Pais .. Oks siguan con ese trabajo tan bueno que hacen de entretener con su musica ala people aroun the world ok ... bye God bless you!

2012-05-19 17:47

Alexandra From Kharkiv

Hugs and kisses from Ukraine! :)
We adore your music and wish you all the best. Hope you'll visit our city someday :)
¡Que le vaya bien!

2012-05-14 12:01

Fabien From Bordeaux

Muchas gracias para el concierto a Paris (Nanterre) y las dedicatorias!!! Bons baisers de France! PS: Cuando, cuando, cuando?? ¿Cuándo saldrá el nuevo álbum? Pleeaaaaassssssee! ;D

2012-05-12 13:27

Mike From St.Petersburg

Hello from biggest fans from Russia!


No upcoming events




Calle Real goes Malmö!


Concerts coming up!